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App Settings

Configure your company app settings by entering the details in this section.

Go to Insights > Settings > App Settings

Anonymity Threshold

Set the anonymity threshold in this section. In the reports and dashboard if the voters for a particular dimension is less than the anonymity threshold mentioned here, that particular data will be withheld (only for anonymous surveys & polls). The minimum threshold is 3.

Display Company Averages

By selecting this checkbox, in reports and dashboards, you will see the comparison against the company average


Select the required benchmark related to your company. Also set the default benchmark required and accordingly in reports and dashboard a comparison against the benchmark would be displayed.

Survey Default Introduction Page

Enter the default introduction you wish the end users to see while taking up a survey. Further, in each survey you will still have option to change it to whatever is required.

Action Plan Email Settings

If you wish to send action plan digest emails on a regular basis, you will need to check the checkbox and set the day and time of the week the end users should receive the digest emails. This automated email will contain all the Action plans created by oneself (in that week), assigned to oneself (in that week) and due soon action plan lists.