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Creating an Action Plan

Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com > ‘Action Plan’ Tab (on the left hand side) > Click on “Create Action Plan”

  • There are two ways of creating an action plans here:
    1. You can create an action plan by selecting an action Item from our template.
      • We have about 150 action item template readily available in the system
      • These templates are backed by leading industry and academic research (related research documentation are also available in the Resource URL section of the template for your reference) giving you scientific reasoning behind why the particular action plan is important and how that would help in improving your results.
    2. You can select ‘Create your own action plan from scratch’
      • Give your action plan a name
      • provide necessary details with steps which needs to be taken in the description section.
      • Resource URL: if you have any academic backing for why this action plan needs to be done, then enter that web-document’s link in this section.
  • In the assignee section, assign this action item to the concerned person, along with a due date mentioned by when the action item needs to be completed.
    • The person would receive a notification of an action item being assigned to him.
    • The concerned person can review the action item from ‘Action Plans’ tab from the left hand menu from his login.

From here, the assigned user will work on the action plans, once completed, the person needs to mark it as complete along with providing steps taken and will also rate himself for the work done. If all the work is done effectively, the employee engagement scores shall improve in the subsequent surveys.