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Creating CSV file for Uploading users into Hyphen

Creating a CSV file is one of the most important steps to upload users data into Hyphen, however, there are few prerequisites before we can create file and upload. Kindly read this article carefully, follow the process step by step and create your file.

Creating Dimensions

Dimension fields constitute Users’ demographic information used to segment Users while analyzing reports. These can be any dimensions chosen by the Organisation. Typically, the dimensions are User’s Location, Department, Function, Business Unit, Age, Gender & Tenure. There is no limit to the number of dimensions that you can create.

Define the dimension in the system –
  • Go to Hyphen Insights and Navigate to “User Management” page.
  • The reporting dimensions for your organisation are defined in the “Edit Dimensions” page
    • Insights > User Management > Edit Dimensions (Button)
  • Enter the new Dimension name in the text field and click Add.
  • The new dimension gets created in the system.

For Eg- If your First, Second and third Dimensions are Location, Department & Gender respectively. In the dimension keys, you can mention it as location or loc or anything of your choice and so on.

  • Dimension Key will be the label displayed for that dimension key throughout Hyphen
  • This Dimension Key value needs to be used for creating user data CSV file.

Prepare the CSV file
  • This file is used to upload employee data in Hyphen, which in turn either creates a new user (new email) or updates the data for an existing user (existing email)
  • The file must be of extension .csv
  • The header names should be exactly spelled as dimension key stored in the system. They are case sensitive, too
  • Columns can be in any order.
  • Only “email” column is mandatory

Create a file with all the columns relevant to you from the list below.

Field Name/Header NameDescriptionRequired?What this is used for
emailUser's Email AddressRequired"Most often, this would be the employee's corporate email address (@companyname.com); however we also support emails outside your @companyname.com domain, such as personal email IDs.

Emails are used by Users to login to Hyphen, and to communicate with the user (notifications/reminders/digests).

If employees do not have either corporate/personal email adresses, then please concatenate employeeID with your company domain ID, for ex: if your company domain is acme.com & employee's ID is 1234, then please fill [email protected]"
first_nameUser's First NameOptionalCan be used to personalise emails and notifications.
last_nameUser's Last NameOptionalCan be used to personalise emails and notifications.
employee_idUser's Employee ID or number given by the company to the userOptionalCan be used to create logins for employees without email.
mobileUser's Mobile Number, include "+" and country code, no other punctuationOptionalCan be used to send SMS notifications (useful for employees without emails).
localeUser's Language Preference. Format: "LCID string" column on this website https://www.science.co.il/language/Locale-codes.php, but with underscores instead of dashOptional"Locale is used to present Hyphen in a language that is preferred by the User. Currently we support en, fr, en_* (e.g. en_us), fr-* (e.g. fr_CA).
Leave Blank if you don't want to provide this info or if the language is English."
manager_email"User's Manager's Email address (Official/Personal)
Should be left blank for CEO"
OptionalManager email is used to understand the Organization heirarchy, so that access to User's reports can be given automatically to his reporting Manager.
status"'candidate', 'employee', 'terminated'
empty value will default to 'employee'"
Optional"'candidate' users are eligible to candidate and pre-hire surveys only
'terminated' users are eligible to alumni surveys only"
roles"role assigned to this employee. e.g. 'manager', 'admin', 'superadmin'
empty value will default to 'user'"
Optionalfor the most part, defines access rights to pages and dimensions in Insights
insights_access"set to 'true', 'True' or 'TRUE' to give access to Hyphen Insights
default is false"
OptionalThe user will not be blocked when trying to log in to https://insights.gethyphen.com/. They will receive a verification code and an autologin link. Also, there will be a link 'GO TO INSIGHTS' visible in the sidebar in the web app
hire_dateJoin date / first day at work. Format: yyyy-mm-ddOptionalSend onboarding surveys / anniversary surveys
end_employment_dateTermination date / Last working day. Format: yyyy-mm-ddOptionalSend exit surveys
dimensions"These fields constitute Users' demographic information used to segment Users while analysing reports.

The reporting dimensions for your organization are defined here: Insights > Settings > Dimensions Management
OptionalThese can be any dimensions chosen by the Org. Typically, the dimensions are User's Location, Department, Function, Business Unit, Age, Gender & Tenure. There is no limit to the number of dimensions

Adding the dimensions in the CSV file  –

  • Add the names of the dimensions in the column headers of the CSV file.
  • Make sure that the text in the dimension column headers in the CSV file matches to that of the dimension keys (case sensitive) defined earlier in the settings page on Hyphen.

Upload the CSV file on Hyphen

Upload New Users:

  • Create your data in a csv format in the format specified above
  • Only the “email” column is mandatory. Rest are optional.
  • The format mentioned above is mandatory. If it is different, the upload will not be successful.
  • Once the csv is ready,
    • Go to Insights > User Management > Add Users (Button) > Import From CSV > Upload a CSV (and Select the file prepared).
    • Upload will happen in the background and you will receive a mail once its completed.
  • It typically takes about 2-5 minutes for the upload to happen depending the size of the data
  • If you face any issues during upload, please write to [email protected]

This video will show you steps to import CSV file to update bulk users or Add bulk users into Hyphen System

Update Existing Users:

  • Editing one record at a time can be done on the UI.
    • Go to Insights > User Management > Search for the User by Name or Email ID.
    • Click on the record that needs to be edited, and update the new values.
  • For editing users in bulk, follow the same steps as above using a CSV file. Whenever same user emails are encountered in the csv, the information gets updated (Duplicate records will not be created)

You can also watch the video below to understand on how to update individual users on Hyphen