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Driver Impact Analysis

There are a lot of factors that determines your employee happiness like Work Environment, Thought Leadership, Effective Management, Invested Peers and Compensation. But what is more important that drives your employees?

Hyphens Data Centric and Quantitative Approach based Driver Impact Analysis will now help companies gain a deeper insight and potentially help them in investing at the right places at the right time and take key decisions.

Surveys have questions across various categories and knowing which category has scored highest or lowest may not be sufficient always. Driver Impact Analysis is a process of running the regression analysis on all questions against a single common dependent variable, the outcome question and measuring the correlation between them. It helps indicate the presence of a relationship and its impact. Read more about Driver Impact Analysis here

Pre Requisites to setting up the Driver Impact Analysis for the surveys is setting: Select one question amongst all the others as a outcome question for driver impact analysis at the time of adding questions for the survey.

Once the survey is complete and you have the data, driver analysis will help you find the correlation between the responses in the outcome question and all the driver questions and determine the impact.

  • To view Driver Impact Analysis for the survey
  • Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com > Survey Tab > Click “See Results” on the concerned survey row
  • Click on “Questions” Tab.
  • On the left column, the report displays the Driver Imapct with blue lines.
    • Higher the correlation, higher is the impact and is denoted with a blue lines. The more number of blue lines, the higher the impact and it can sorted from highest degree of impact to lowest.