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Engagement Best Practice

For a business to thrive and improve employee productivity, it is improtant to improve employee engagement and happiness across the organization. Follow the below employee enagagement best practices and you will end up seeing the results you’re looking for.

Hyphen Customer Journey

  • Enable co-workers to give timely and effective feedback.
  • Empower Senior management, HR and mid-managers to understand hot-spots in the organization.
  • Enable management to address issues before damage is done?
  • Communicate changes back to employees to re-assure and retain.

Hyphen Best Practices

While you may be disappointed about low employee engagement levels, remember, there are many things you can perform to make a change. But how do you improve employee engagement in the short term, and then also prepare for long-term improvements in engagement?
At Hyphen we have devised a process to achieve both short term and long term goals

  • Launch a baseline survey.
  • Identify key issues through results.
  • Create appropriate action plans to counter the issues.
  • Communicate the changes and launch targeted pulse polls to track progress.
  • Open up channel for bottom up communication.
  • Repeat process.