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Heatmap Report

The heatmap represents your total insights in a single visual.  Feel free to dive in based on any available segment via a filter, and into any category or question via the selection menu on the left.  When you find an area of interest, just click that field to pull more detail.

Heatmap Screen

This will display the heatmap that allows you to drill-down and figure out how each categories are performing dimension wise

  • Weaker performing areas are denoted in the shades of red and strong performing areas in shades of blue
    • for every 20% the color changes
    • Top performance (81%-100%) will be shown in darker blue
    • Worst performance (0-20%) will be shown in Dark red.
  • Use the segmentation filter to see results across different segments of each dimension
  • Use the “EXPORT CSV” button, to download this report in excel and do further analysis
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