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Overview Report

This report combines the most relevant high-level insights from the selected survey such as: Participation, Total Favorability, Top and Lowest Categories, Comment Summary, and Top and Lowest Segments

Overview Screen
  • eNPS – stands for ‘employee Net Promoter Score’ and this figure is derived from an universal adopted formula: eNPS Score = %of Promoters – %of Detrators.
  • FAVORABILITY – Is the sum of “Strongly Agree” & “Agree” votes. This gives what percentage of people who have voted in favor across all questions of the survey.
  • TOP PERFORMING CATEGORIES & WORST PERFORMING CATEGORIES – Every question of the survey has been associated with a driver/category. This section gives the favorability scores for each best and worst category (based on favorability)
  • COMMENTS – Some questions in the survey has comments option, this section gives the gist of what the sentiment of the comments is, weather it is ‘Positive’, ‘Neutral or ‘Negative’ comments.
  • SEGMENTS – Every employee is associated to various segment like department, sub department, location, gender, tenure entity etc. In this section, you will be able to view the Strong performing and weak performing segments (based on favorability).