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Removing Users

User can be removed from the admin credentials and these changes can be done anytime after the first upload, however, try to avoid making changes when any survey is in-progress as the changes will not be reflected in the results. If there any user is removed after a Survey has started (and if that user has already taken survey), please reach out to your customer success executive to make necessary changes in the backend to remove the user’s data from survey results. 

Users can be removed in 2 ways:

  • Option 1:  Small Changes (Changes can be done through Platform )
    • Step 1- Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com -> User Management
    • Step 2- Use the search bar to find the user needing revision
    • Step 3- Click “Edit” next to that user (Or simply click on the record)
    • Step 4- Edit window for the said record will open
    • Step 5- Select the “TERMINATED” from the drop down of ‘STATUS’ and click “Save Changes” .
  • Option 2:  Large/Bulk Changes (Create CSV File and upload)
    • Step 1- Make list of all users (email ID) which needs to be removed from system.
    • Step 2- email ID is mandatory for adding or deleting users.
    • Step 3- Create a new CSV file, with only the Header “email” and “status” and populate all data (refer image below)
    • Step 4- For all users which needs to be removed, the “status” needs to be “terminated” (All small case and this is case sensitive)
    • Step 5- Ensure columns and cells are formatted and Navigate to reports.gethyphen.com -> User Management
    • Step 6- Upload the prepared .csv file on User Management (using the ‘Add user’ button and upload CSV option)
    • Step 7- Check email notification for any errors