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Setting Up and Launching Pulse Polls

Watch this video to understand how to set up a Pulse Polls OR read below:

  • Login using your credentials at https://insights.gethyphen.com
  • In the left hand side menu, navigate to the admin section and then click on Pulse polls
  • This page will display the current list of all the pulse polls published or created till date, with details such as Last date on which the pulse poll was published, frequency of pulse poll and the active or inactive status.
  • You can create a new pulse poll question of your own or pick one from the Suggested pulse polls tab
  • To create a new pulse poll of your choice please click on the button
  • Below are the various settings available for Questions

Category Pick the category or create a custom category for your question from the drop down list. It is used to display Category level aggregate scores in the survey report
Pulse QuestionEnter the question here
Multiple Choice QuestionsEither fill out the options by typing in, or click on "Populate with Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree" for a multiple choice type of question. Number of options for a question can vary from 2 to 5
Open Free Text QuestionLeave all the option fields blank to create an open question
AudienceSelect your audience from the drop down list. you can publish the poll to everyone in the company or to any group from the existing list of groups in your company
Hide Results from VotersChoose "Do not Hide" from the drop down if you wish to show the result summary for the poll, post voting. Else, Choose Hide.
Include in Sentiment AnalysisSelect yes if you want the comments to be included in generating Net Sentiment Scores
FrequencySelect the frequency of the poll from the drop down list to occur weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 months and one time only.
To be Published on Schedule a time when you want to trigger this pulse poll

  • After adding the question and all the configuration. Click on the Save and Activate button
  • All the created polls will appear in the list.
  • All the pulse polls that are currently active will be highlighted in Blue in the Active column against the poll
  • You can also use the search bar if you are looking for a specific poll you created
  • You can also filter to find your pulse poll by the audience group or the admin who created the poll from the drop down list
  • After filtering out the result from the search bar you will now be able to see the pulse poll you created.
  • You will now be view all the configurations set for this poll

FrequencyProvides a quick view of what is the frequency of occurrence
Next OccuranceFuture occurrence date
ActiveAll the pulse polls that are currently active will be highlighted in Blue in the Active column against the poll
Send RemindersClick on this to send Email reminders to the users
ResultsWill display the results of the Poll
LastWill display the last date on which the poll was sent

  • Monitor all the pulse polls that are published and created from this page. You can view more details about the same, such as the last published date, change the frequency or the occurrence date, view results, send reminders to the audience to participate in the poll and also, deactivate if you wish to close the poll.

To Edit the Pulse Poll that is published, please follow the steps below

  • Login to the web app with your credentials at https://app.gethyphen.com/
  • Being the superadmin, all the published Pulse Polls would appear on your feed
  • Click on the poll which you wish to edit
  • On the top right corner, there is a edit post/poll icon denoted by a pencil. Click on it.

  • You will now be able to edit the poll and the options

NOTE: Editing a poll or the options once it is published, may result in non uniformity