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Survey Best Practice

“Consider length, and communicate well”
  • The formula for participation may as well be ‘investment of time’ + ’necessity’ = ‘willingness
  • It is important for leadership to keep in mind the time investment they are requiring of employees, and acknowledge this via communication from the highest levels within the organization
“Start broad, use data to narrow, act, and repeat”
  • Engagement questions often seem mundane until we look to use their responses to drive change.  The trick is to identify combinations of data across categories that tell a story, and present actionable opportunities within a segment.
    • Launch a Quarterly Survey.
    • Identify key issues through results.
    • Create appropriate action plans to counter the issues.
    • Communicate the changes made.
    • Launch next survey and track progress.
    • Repeat process.
Methodology for Survey only and Survey + Pulse Poll
“If no action is seen, participation drops”
  • The purpose of measuring engagement is more than knowing where your workforce stands.  The intent is to understand where improvements can be made, and how these changes can best be made.  Employees will gladly continue to participate with feedback if it is very obvious that leadership is listening, and doing all they can to take action.  Following each survey, make a point to communicate a high-level summary with action items and follow through with them.