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Viewing Survey Reports

Analytics can be viewed for both In Progress and Closed surveys. In Progress surveys are still accepting responses, so their data will update as new responses are received.

Reports can be accessed from the Survey List by clicking the ‘See report’ button that appears when you hover over a specific survey.

The reports contain in-depth analytics for the survey responses.When viewing a Survey Report, you can update the Filters and View Options to meet your specific needs.

  • Filters allow you to view specific date ranges and drill down into the data for different segments.
  • View Options allow you to specify what data you want to compare your results against.
    • Company’s Average – If you have filters applied, this option allows you to view the results of your filters (for example, a specific segment) versus the average Favorability score company-wide.
    • Previous Survey – If the survey has been linked to a previous iteration, you can view the differences in Favorability scores between the current and previous iterations.
    • Benchmark – You can select a relevant benchmark, consisting of industry and company size, to compare your Favorability scores against. This option is only available if you are using questions from our Engagement Framework.

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