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Week 1 - Launch Communication

First Communication always from a CXO’s desk

  • Getting CXO commitment is key to Hyphen’s success
  • Reaffirms leadership commitment to understand Employee Feedback
  • Piques interest at all levels of the Organisation
  • Repurpose this template and ask your CXO sponsor to send it out from his/her desk to all the pilot employees

Mention Hyphen in a public setting

  • Talk about Hyphen in a public setting or a town-hall session & encourage Employees to download the app:
  • HRs and Managers to conduct 5 minute informal Hyphen Introduction talks with their teams
  • Educate Employees about the most exciting features of Hyphen & Increase the initial adoption
  • Brief a group of champions e.g HRBPs or Team Managers who can get traction on the floor
  • Use this PPT template to drive the conversations

Send Automated Hyphen Invite E-mails to everyone

  • Please contact your Hyphen Customer Success Manager to send the automated invite emails to all the pilot population

Explore our Communications folder

In the zipped file attached below, we have:

  • An email template to be sent out by your CEO on survey launch
  • A power-point presentation that introduces Hyphen to your employees
  • Email Templates during the course of your survey to boost participation

Pick the strategy that works best for you. Select templates from the folder that you think work best for your Organisation. Your Customer Success Manager can help you with best practices.