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Week 2 - Spike Initial Adoption

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Understand your audience

Run a Mini Engagement Survey

  • If you have not run any Engagement or Ad Hoc surveys recently, hyphen recommends to conduct a baseline survey to collect feedback from employees.
  • You can use the Engagement Survey templates below for your reference

Refer to the article here to help you set up and launch a test survey

XLSXDownload Hyphen Mini Engagement Survey Template


Publish 1-2 Pulse Polls at the time of launch

  • Employees will not be greeted by an empty app when they first login. Make them excited about the possibilities of Using Hyphen
  • Hyphen suggests picking Top 3 categories from your previous Employee Engagement Survey & craft questions around it with Hyphen team’s support
  • Recommended Questions – 
    • I am very happy are you at work these days
    • I feel heard to at work
    • I agree that [Company Name] has a good work culture? 

Launch a new Pulse Poll every week to increase engagement.

XLSXDownload Recommended Pulse Poll Questions

Create Posts, Engage Users and Gather Feedback

  • As admins, you need to make a move. Create engaging content that will excite the employees to have a two conversations
  • Ask questions to gather feedback around a new process or policies implemented
  • Create Multiple choice questions to learn about their choice as a company or a team

Sample Posts –

  • How do you think we are doing on “X” after today’s presentation?
  • How is everybody liking the new food truck we have on Wednesdays?
  • Is it possible that the company can send managers to a course to freshen up their people skills? It can be a helpful tool.
  • We are struggling with bad pollution since the past 3 weeks. It’s becoming hard to commute to office & affecting our health. It’s unfair that we don’t have a work from home policy