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Week 3 - Maximise Engagement

Now that the employees are talking and sharing their opinion on Hyphen. It is time you as admins acknowledge and respond to their queries and concerns. Responding to user queries on Hyphen is a very important activity for the success of the Project/Launch.

Responsiveness on the App

  • There are a lot of posts created on the feed that needs your attention.
  • As admins you can pick these up, respond and engage the users in conversations
  • Sign off as Named or Official. This adds credibility and builds the trust in them, that you are listening
  • Use the Reply feature in the comments to engage a specific user with interesting comment

Decentralise Authority – Assign tasks

  • There are issues that are posted in specific groups and can be solved locally by the Regional HR or the respective Business Leaders
  • When you see a post that needs to be addressed by someone apart from you. You can simply assign that post to the relevant person
  • Click on the Wrench Icon in the post, type the email ID of the person you want to assign the post to and submit
  • They will receive an email with the link of the post that needs to be addressed

Share Interesting Content with People

  • One of the most popular ways to engage users is by sharing content.
  • The culture of sharing needs to be instilled within the employees.
  • To start with you can share important posts with the regional heads or managers
  • They in turn can share it with members of their team or department and engage their peers

Refer to the guide below “Boosting Employee Voice Adoption” for detailed explanations

PPTXDownload Boosting Employee Voice Adoption