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Week 4 - Ask Leader Session

This week conduct an Ask Leader Anything session with relevant leaders. For Ex: A Business Leader, who can address 1-2 issues that popped-up in the previous weeks conversations

  • Easy for super-busy leaders to just go live on Hyphen, rather than host elaborate town-halls or in-person meetings
  • This is one of the most effective tools to improve engagement and participation in Hyphen.
  • Identify leaders willing to participate in Hyphen’s Ask Leader Anything sessions – Can be CXOs, Business Heads, Country Managers, HR Heads
  • Work with the Hyphen team to run campaigns to gather audience. (Hyphen CS team needs 3 days advance notice to run this)
  • Leader can take questions either on Hyphen Mobile or Web App & answer queries during the session.

The preparations for the campaign can be done 3- 4 days in advance where the leader can communicate via a post or a video that they are going to be live along with the date and time and sign of with their name OR the HR department can communicate to the employees on Hyphen via a post that “X” will be live on this date and time and sign of as official