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Read about the detailed whitelisting article here.

Step 1 – Copy this below text into an email

Hi <Name>,

We are launching a new app called Hyphen @ <Company Name> for collecting employee feedback using surveys. The app sends emails to our employees with the link to the survey.

If Hyphen’s emails have to reach employees, then the below steps have to be completed –

  • Whitelist domain – hyphenmail.com to allow all emails from this domain
  • Whitelist (Hyphen’s email server’s IP address)
  • Additionally, you may also want to whitelist to access Hyphen’s video guides and articles https://university.gethyphen.com/
  • Whitelist gethyphen.com URL within the company

Please do the needful. Let me know if you have any questions

Step 2 – Send it to the relevant IT person & let Hyphen know

  • Send it to the IT person responsible in your company
  • Let your Hyphen Customer Success Manager know that whitelisting is complete